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Mikarta Hunting Knife

Price: £94.99



Stamina Wood Knife

Price: £94.99



Green Polymer Knife

Price: £34.99



Black Polymer Knife

Price: £44.99



Mikarta FAB Knife

Price: £74.99



MT-1 Survival Knife

Price: £79.99



MT-3 Survival Knife

Price: £89.99



Cudeman Survival Knife

Price: £114.99


This page will soon be dedicated to bringing you a huge collection of hunting knives. We will bring you wide variety including buck, fixed blade and folding knives for cheap, here in the UK. A hunters knife is an essential tool for any dedicated huntsman. It will be called upon time and time again so it's important to get something of good quality that won't let you down. Our collection will bring you only the best hunting knives to ensure you get the job done.

Knives go back to our very early roots. They have been an essential tool throughout the evolution of man, and they have evolved alongside us. Today you can find some gorgeous handmade knives of incredible craftsmanship. While these are certainly not necessary, they are nice to have as a symbol of pride towards your huntsman ship. Our page will accommodate hunting blades of all different types whether you want a beautiful custom knife or just a basic, get the job done tool.

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We will feature fixed blade hunting knifes, these are knifes which do not fold. They have a solid blade which does not collapse into the handle but instead usually comes with a sheath. These knives are very popular due to their reliability and strength. There will be folding hunting knives, these are the opposite of the fixed blades. These hunting knives have the ability to fold inwards into the handle making the really convenient and easy to carry. The blade will usually lock so it does not fold inwards accidentally while in use. There is a variety of cheap hunting knives planned for those on a budget, these blades are cheap and cheerful and will get the job done without any fuss. For those who fancy something with a bit of class, we will be featuring custom hunting knives which are beautifully handmade.

There are many different types of knives available and it's important to choose one that is suited to the task! If you're struggling to pick the perfect knife you should check out this video on how to pick a hunting knife. It will give you an overview of the different kinds and what they perform best at.

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