Compound Crossbows UK

compound crossbows uk

Barnett Quad Edge

Price: £499.99



Barnett Quad "S"

Price: £519.99



Barnett Wildcat C6

Price: £479.99



Barnett Vengeance

Price: £959.99



Barnett RAZR

Price: £1,179.99



Barnett Ghost 385

Price: £749.99


barnett bcx extreme

Barnett BCX Extreme

Price: £699.99


barnett jackal

Barnett Jackal

Price: £359.99


Compound crossbows are the modern take on the legendary weapon. They feature much harder bow limbs which allows for a tremendous amount of energetic efficiency. To leverage this extreme tension, a compound crossbow uses pulleys. When the bow string is drawn, the pulley begins to turn, bending the bow and retaining the tension. When the trigger is pulled, the energy is released in a split second, sending the crossbow bolt at tremendous velocity.

If you are looking to find compound crossbows UK, you have come to the right place. We have searched across the web, found the best crossbows and collaborated them all here for our viewers. You will find a wide variety of modern  crossbows which you can use to devastating effect on your recreational shooting days. There is nothing quite like shooting with a compound crossbow. The power, accuracy and efficiency are absolutely incredible. These bows are the pinnacle of modern archery and will not let you down when your shooting with your friends at the firing range.

A crossbow is the perfect solution for those without a firearms license. As long as you are 18 in the UK, you can get yourself a crossbow. Just ensure safety is always is your number one priority because a crossbow can be just as lethal as any firearm.

Take a look around and see which one catches your eye. We will be regularly updating our pages to bring you the latest most awesome UK crossbows from the internet.

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