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The classic longbow is one of mans oldest, most reliable hunting weapons. No one really knows when they first originated but they have been around for thousands of years. Bows have also played an essential part in warfare throughout the centuries, with many civilisations utilising them to devastating effect.

There are many different types of bow designs that have emerged throughout time. Perhaps the most recognisable is the English longbow, these are very tall bows usually made of yew wood. These bows had an incredible draw length allowing for a massive firing range.

archery equipment

Recurve bows are another type of bow design which features the tip curving outward from the user. As the bow is drawn, the curves straighten and when the arrow is released, these curves spring out for extra power. Reflex bows are a sub branch of the recurves. These bows were hugely popular among the eastern armies, partly because their small sized allowed for horse archery. The construction of the bow allows for a huge amount of power even with a small frame.

Compound bows are the modern day take on archery. A compound bow features a variety of mechanical systems to give the user leverage and allows for minimum effort. The limbs on these bows are much more rigid which gives great efficiency when used in combination with the mechanical features.

We have a huge variety of archery bows. There are longbows for sale, compound bows for sale and lots of other essential archery equipment for sale. Be sure to do a bit of research on the various types of bow before picking the one that’s right for you. With so many different models you should do a bit of digging around and find one you think you will like. If you are in need of archery equipment, stay tuned for our store update where we will be bringing you all the best archery supplies from around the web! If you are looking for a more modern weapon, check out our hunting crossbows.

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