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Here at Elystuff we want to bring you the best collection of crossbows for sale UK. Crossbows are a very slick and silent way to shoot and are also very afforadable in comparison to guns. Crossbows were invented over 2000 years ago and played a huge part in European and Chinese warfare. A crossbow is essentially a bow mounted on a platform which holds the tension of the string. This allows for a tremendous amount of power to be leveraged since it does not rely on human strength. The draw length of the string is shorter than a standard bow but there is far more tension. This allows for a very compact and potent weapon with a huge firing range. Although guns have replaced crossbows in the modern era, they remain a potent firing tool and are very enjoyable to use. Despite being overtaken by modern firearms, crossbows have continued to develop and are now very sophisticated weapons. They are now gaining a lot of traction in the recreational shooting community and are rising in popularity.

The ammunition used by a crossbow is called a bolt, it is shorter than an arrow but is usually heavier. Although crossbow bolts can be expensive they are usually retrievable, this makes them very cheap in the long term. There are many different types of bolt to choose from and we will feature all the best brands to ensure you fire true.

In the UK there isn’t a huge amount of places you can buy crossbows. We are dedicated to bringing you all the best equipment we can find and placing it here for you to check out. We will provide a wide variety from cheap starter bows to the top of the range. So if you are already fan of crossbow shooting or are just looking to get started, you will find something here to suit your needs.

We are dedicated to bring you the very best hunting products from around the web including crossbows for sale UK, knives, bows, clothing and other cool things. If you are a dedicated hunter or just a recreational hobbyist you're going to want to check out our site. We have everything you could ever need be it for hardcore hunting or just sporting fun. We believe that being out in the wild with camouflage kit and hunting gear is one of the greatest thrills you can get in life. Whether it's stalking a deer with your brand new crossbow or simply doing archery in your back yard, we think shooting is one of the funnest activities around.

crossbows for sale uk

Hunting has been core in the evolution of mankind and was once an absolutely essential skill. Although most of us no longer need to hunt to survive, hunting is still enjoyed as a recreational sport by thousands across the globe. A huntsman needs top quality gear to be at the top of his game, we are absolutely dedicated to finding the best gear and equipment on the web.

Camouflage clothing is essential to any dedicated huntsman. We believe that having the right camo for your surroundings gives you the absolute cutting edge when stalking your game. We are dedicated to bringing you all the best camo clothing from around the web be it boots, shooting jackets, hats or gloves. If you are in a colder climate you will find hardy winter clothing designed to keep you warm in the most harsh conditions. You will also find waterproof clothes to keep you dry and focused on those long rainy hunts and ventures. We have camouflage clothing for men, women and kids so everyone can join in on the fun.

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